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How To Build A Real Estate Cash Buyers List For Wholesaling

Courtney Osborne

4 min read

Courtney Osborne


What is a Cash Buyer?

A cash buyer is an investor or home buyer who purchases real estate with all cash at closing without applying for a bank loan. This method offers a quick and seamless transaction with a title company, as it eliminates the need for loan underwriting and approval processes. Cash buyers may use their own funds or partner with hard money or private money lenders. This strategy enables them to compete with other buyers in the market and negotiate better deals with sellers. The benefits of using cash to purchase real estate include a faster closing process, reduced risk of a deal falling through due to financing, and potentially better pricing on properties.

Why is a Cash Buyers List important?

When doing cold outreach (such as SMS blasts, cold calls, snail mail, etc.), you may encounter sellers with various property types that do not align with your interests. Obtaining a cash buyers list for your real estate business can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Real estate properties that don't fit your buying criteria, such as property type, price, or location, can easily be sold to other real estate investors that fit their criteria.

  2. Increase profitability by marketing to more distressed properties, knowing that you have a list of cash buyers.

  3. Expand your business's market share by covering more locations.

How To Build A Real Estate Cash Buyers List Methods

Here is a list of methods to help grow your buyers list. The Agreedment team has tried every method below and found them to be expensive, painstaking and time-consuming process.

  • Build Relationships with Competitors
  • Attend REIA meetups
  • Real Estate Clubs
  • Local REIA (Real Estate Investing Association)
  • Property Management Companies
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Contact Hard Money Lenders
  • Speak to closing Attorneys and Title companies
  • Contact Home Builders
  • Find Contractors at HomeDepot
  • Visit Property Rehabs
  • Visit MLS Listed and Newly Constructed Houses
  • Real Estate Investment Facebook Groups
  • Reverse Engineer Craigslist
  • Reach out to other Local Wholesalers
  • Contact Tax Assessor & Public Records Offices
  • Sift through real estate publications and conferences websites
  • Search OpenCorporate
  • Use Zillow,, etc.. to Find Realtors
  • Market to Cash Buyers to your website
  • Create an Email Marketing List
  • Create Facebook Ads
  • Run Google Adwords
  • Create Craigslist campaign
  • Pay for newspaper Ads
  • Send out snail mailers
  • Post Bandit Signs in Neighborhoods
  • Personal Property Signs
  • Attend County Auctions
  • Attend Business Professional conferences
  • Join Doctors, Accountants, Engineers Facebook groups

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Agreedment offers a shortcut to finding cash buyers. With millions of cash buyers ranging from cash buyer types who purchase single-family residential properties to infill vacant lots, you'll never miss an opportunity to find a cash buyer for your wholesale deals. You can easily obtain contact information from cash buyers with just a click of a button.

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