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Nationwide Residential Cash Buyers for Wholesalers & Real Estate Professionals

Simplify disposition with access to millions of cash buyers and their contact info. No more social media buyer list hassle.

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Agreedment Dashboard

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Close more Real Estate Deals & Increase Profit

Stay up-to-date on cash transactions with our cash buyer sale information. Quickly access recent sale data, property type information from buyers who made all-cash purchases.

Total of Investors


Total of Investors

Active Cash Buyers


Active Cash Buyers

Investor Owned Properties


Investor Owned Properties

Behind LLC

The Real Buyer Behind LLCs

Identify the majority owners behind entities.

Contact the Real Buyer with confidence.

Communicate with cash buyers at a higher rate.

Institutional Buyers To Local Fix & Flippers

Get cash buyers before a deal by identifying recently purchased residential properties with an optimized platform for cash investors.

Institutional buyers
Buyer Visual

View every residential cash purchase.

Visualize all-cash transactions for single-family homes, whether large or small, and vacant infill lots, for investors.

Reveal information behind LLC’s and other business entities.

Information on company names, property type, address, square footage, sales price, and more.

Place To Manage Cash Buyers

Simplify buyer list management with ease. Add cash buyers and reach out when a matching deal is available. No more cluttered spreadsheets or complicated solutions.

Buyer Manager


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- Virgo

“I ain’t gonna lie, Agreedment made it easy to find cash buyers and close my first deal. I’m hyped for the full release, this tool is straight-up fire!”

user testimonials
- Hugo

“Agreedment will elevate my coaching program with its innovative and powerful product features. Can’t wait!”

user testimonials
- Josh

“Agreedment helped me connect with other investors in my market and close deals faster. Highly recommended!”

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Access extensive cash buyer data and close more deals to unlock previously unavailable opportunities.

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Private lenders

Find investors who can utilize more funds to close more deals. Deploy more capital to real estate investments.

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Residential Investors

Connect with other investors and sell directly without the middleman. Gain control of your property sale, price setting and timeline that works for you.

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Real Estate Agents

Convert non-financeable properties that sit on the MLS for months into profitable cash transactions. Sell quickly without financing requirements.

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Savvy RE Agents

Expand on-market and off-market deals. Offer multiple exit strategies to sellers, with a combination of commission-based or cash offers.

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Service Providers

Whether you’re in the security camera business or cleaning business identify a fresh set of customers that can use your services.

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Construction & Repair

Locate investors that can use contract services on their new projects. Increase your workload and keep your team busy.

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Real Estate Brokerage

Empower your brokerage to quickly solve property owner’s problems. Access a vast cash buyer network and connect with the right set of investors.

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