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Agreedment vs TwnSqr

No need to visit your local REIA, joint venture or search through public records to find possible cash buyers

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Real estate investment insights and cash buyer data for wholesalers and real estate professionals.

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A technology company working at the intersection of supply and demand.

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Reason #1


You can market your deal with other wholesalers on the platform for free. Access to their in-house network of top buyers costs $99.

Agreedment offers three pricing plans: Local for $159, Regional for $339, and Multi-Regional for $889. Early Adopter Access is available for all plans. Each plan provides unlimited access to cash buyers in designated locations.

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Reason #2


TwnSqr allows you to import your own cash buyers into their system and leverage the buyers of other wholesalers if needed. Your success depends on the availability of buyers through the system.

Agreedment provides access to 100% of all active cash buyers in any market, regardless of size, and for any property type, from vacant land to single-family homes. You do not need to upload buyers or share them with others.

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Reason #3


Network platform to bring your buyers in exchange for someone else to bring their buyers. They are build around the exchange of buyer list created by hand.

Agreedment simplifies and streamlines your disposition department, expanding as your business grows. It offers CRM-like management tools, provides insights into recent cash purchases, and connects you with potential buyers through comprehensive contact information.

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Reason #4


The availability of TwnSqr in different markets is contingent upon the number of users from those markets.

Agreedment boasts over 1,327,609 active cash buyers who have purchased properties within the last two years. You can filter asset types, including multi-family properties, single-family homes, vacant land, and acres.

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We focus on residential real estate investors.

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leonardo testimonial
As a real estate investor, time is money. Agreedment saves me time and money by eliminating the need to search through county records. I can’t wait for the full release!”
- Leonardo
Wholesaler & Real Estate Agent

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